Lawn Problems

Ross Tree Company’s licensed professionals bring many years of experience caring for Colorado lawns and field turf.

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As indicated in the photos on this page, these common lawn problems demonstrate the extreme challenge of maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn in our Colorado climate. However, having an attractive natural grass lawn that is pleasing and useful is possible when it is properly maintained.
To best determine your lawn’s needs we prefer to see your lawn in person.

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Brown house - Tree Service in Denver, CO
Ross Tree Company is Denver’s Preferred Lawn Care specialist since 1978. We are a locally owned and operated business with a long history providing complete lawn and tree care for Colorado homes. We understand the climate and the Flora of Colorado landscapes.
Ground - Tree Service in Denver, CO
Dry grass - Tree Service in Denver, CO
With over 20 years in the lawn and turf field, the professionals at Ross Tree Company have devised two programs that we believe are the best programs for Colorado lawns.
Premium Lawn Care Program
Our Premium Program consists of four treatments per year that include a once per year fertilizer. Both pre- and post- emergent weed control (including crab grass), insect and fungus control.

Organic-based Lawn Care Program
Our Organic-based Program consists of five treatments per year that includes organic, natural fertilizer, both pre- and post- emergent weed control (including crab grass), and insect and fungus control.
Regardless of which program you choose, both of our programs have been proven successful at achieving beautiful, healthy, and vibrant lawns. We stand behind our products and methods.
Call 303.871.9121 or email to schedule a personal consultation to go over your property to assess your lawn and/or tree service needs.
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