Leaf-Feeding Insect Control

Leaf Feeding Insects and Mites
Aphids are the insects that wreak havoc on many species of trees and shrubs during the growing season. They can have several generations each year. Their honey dew (excrement) often makes the leaves or needles appear “shiny” or “wet”. They damage the leaves, causing them to stop energy production. This in turn weakens the trees, making them more susceptible to other more damaging insects and disease.
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When infected trees are near a patio or parking area their honey dew will drip onto patio furniture and cars and can be difficult to remove.

Mites are dry heat lovers. They will normally be found in areas that offer this along with a host tree, shrub, or turf. South facing exposures are at greater risk than other areas in your landscape. Mites are most often detected only after damage is observed. If you suspect mites are damaging your plant life treatment is recommended due to the damage they can cause in a single growing season.
There are now three different treatments to choose from:
1) Inspect and spray only the trees affected at the time of treatment. This treatment is performed up to three times a year.

2) Systemic soil injection/drench. This treatment is performed in the spring or late fall. It can only be used on trees with an adequate root zone. One treatment will protect for the growing season.

3) A trunk injection that will protect for the growing season. Please call or e-mail for a free property evaluation.
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