MTN Pine Beetle Control

Mountain pine beetles mainly attack the trunks of Ponderosa pines and Scotch pines in the Denver metro area. They have been known to attack other pines, but to a lesser extent.

Trees that are under attack will show signs of weakness such as discolored needles. Close inspection of the trunk will confirm if MTN pine beetle is the cause. Sap oozing from the trunk that looks a little like popcorn will be observed. This “pitching” is the tree trying to prevent the beetle from gaining entry to the tree.

Mountain pine beetle numbers are growing throughout the Front Range. Preventive treatments are highly recommended due to the high mortality rate of infected trees.

There are now two different treatments to choose from: 1) the traditional trunk spray, twice per year, or 2) a trunk injection that protects for two years. Both treatments will also control Ips engraver beetles. Please call or e-mail for a free property evaluation.
Broken tree - Tree Service in Denver, CO
Dry trunk - Tree Service in Denver, CO
Dry trunk 2 - Tree Service in Denver, CO