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The following is a list of services provided by Ross Tree Company:
Tree - Tree Pruning Service in Denver, CO
Seasonal tree care tips from your friends at Ross Tree Company:
  • Check For Tree & Shrub Branches That May Be Damaged By Snow
  • Deep Water Trees & Shrubs
  • Fertilize Trees & Spray For Mountain Pine
  • Beetle, Ips & Ash Borer
  • Plant New Trees
  • Remove Tree Wrap
  • Spray For IPS
  • Thin Old, Overgrown Deciduous Trees
  • Trim Crabapple & American Elm
  • We specialize in large trees and pest control!
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Pruning Services

The quality of our tree pruning is the hallmark of Ross Tree Company.
The changeable weather patterns here on the Eastern Plains of Colorado pose particularly challenging conditions for trees. This sometimes requires slight modification of commonly accepted pruning practices to help protect trees against possible storm damage.
Pathwalk - Tree Service in Denver, CO
Our experienced trimmers take personal pride in the performance of their work, assuring you that your trees will be the pride of your neighborhood.
Call Ross Tree Company now for a free estimate and to find out when the optimum time of year might be to get your trees into shape.
Pruning - Tree Service in Denver, CO
Cutting tree - Tree Service in Denver, CO


Tree Removal

We all love trees and the many ways they enhance our urban environment, but alas, even good things must sometimes come to an end. When age, damage, disease, or a change in your landscape plans dictate that a tree must be removed, Ross Tree Company is the place to go for a safe, efficient job.
Removing trees in an urban environment is an entirely different proposition than felling trees in a mountain forest. Often they must be brought down a limb at a time, using ropes to protect structures, utility lines, turf, and other landscape plants. Occasionally the use of a crane is warranted so that the limbs are drawn up instead of lowered into the yard. Good judgment is just as important as skill and experience when making decisions regarding the best way to bring down and dispose of a large tree safely and successfully.
Removing tree - Tree Service in Denver, CO
If you are uncertain whether your tree needs to be removed, our experienced arborists may help you with your decision. Call Ross Tree Company now for a free evaluation.
Trimming tree - Tree Service in Denver, CO
Root - Tree Service in Denver, CO


Stump Grinding

Stump removal, while it often goes hand in hand with tree removal, is a separate operation with its very own property and safety considerations. Only an experienced operator can negotiate these challenges successfully and with a minimally negative impact upon your yard.
We at Ross Tree Company take our motto to heart. Integrity in Action means that we stand behind our work. If, despite our best efforts, damage to your property does occur, we will do whatever is necessary to make it right. Stump removal is a common area where fair price comparison is difficult. Unless specifically stated otherwise, when we remove a stump we will grind it out 6” to 8” below grade, including surface roots, haul those stump grindings away, and backfill the area with topsoil. This will assure that you won’t have an area that will not support grass or will subside over time and leave you with a depression in your yard.
Grinding machine - Tree Service in Denver, CO
Removing machine - Tree Service in Denver, CO
Call Ross Tree Company for a free estimate to remove your unwanted tree stumps.
Working with tree removing - Tree Service in Denver, CO


Tree Planting

Planting new trees is one of the more enjoyable things we get to do here at Ross Tree Company. We use local nurseries to seek out the best trees we can find, paying close attention to branch structure. Successful planting requires special care in the transport, planting, and staking of your trees. Careful handling of the root ball and placement at the proper depth is imperative to achieving that happy result of a healthy and thriving tree that will add beauty and value to your landscape for years to come.
Planting tree - Tree Service in Denver, CO
Man planting - Tree Service in Denver, CO
Call Ross Tree Company now for a free proposal to plant your new tree.
New tree to be plant - Tree Service in Denver, CO



Cabling trees is a less common, but still important practice that can sometimes be used to address a problem where a structural weakness has been identified. Cables may be used just for additional peace of mind where large tree limbs hang over valuable property. Cables are effective only if properly installed using the necessary hardware. We use high-strength steel cables, forged eye bolts, thimbles, and specially designed connections. Usually they are placed high in the tree for the greatest advantage and are hardly even noticeable from the ground.
Bracing is an even less common, but sometimes warranted practice. A steel rod is used to add strength to a weak connection, usually where a tree is in danger of splitting in two. It is just as important to understand the limitations of cabling and bracing as it is to know of their advantages.
Cabling - Tree Service in Denver, CO
Call Ross Tree Company now to have an experienced arborist assess whether cabling or bracing may be the answer to your tree care problem.
Cabling tree - Tree Service in Denver, CO
Cabling new tree - Tree Service in Denver, CO